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An award winning educator, Mia Street began her career in education with Head Start and later with New Vision Learning Academy in Monroe, Louisiana. Her journey in education led her to teaching and eventually becoming a district administrator leading transformational work. Her work inside and outside of the classroom has helped to create equitable educational spaces. She currently consults with different organizations and specializes in leveraging partnerships with educational agencies and industry professionals to promote, create and increase equity in education. 

Mia Street is a true pioneer when it comes to education, as she fully recognizes the significant impact it can have on people's lives. Her dedication to helping students who might otherwise be overlooked is truly admirable and her involvement in the community only adds to her value as an educator. 

She currently holds the following roles:
Kidada Education Design, Founder

BH365 Foundation, Executive Director
Dallas CORE Chief Growth Officer
NAACP Texas State Education Committee Member 

BTGMP, Inc Executive Director and Founder 

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